Get paid faster with GoSolo Invoices: PAY NOW is now live

Get paid faster with GoSolo Invoices: PAY NOW is now live

April 22, 2024
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The most important thing when running your own business (and often times the hardest) is making sales. But once you’ve made sales, getting paid should be easy, right? In our experience, it’s not always the case.

Getting paid can get tricky when you try to manage chasing late payments, re-confirming lost invoice details, or having money sent to the wrong account. All these issues can create a lot of unnecessary work, when in reality, as an entrepreneur, you would want to devote most of your time to making sales.


GoSolo takes the pain away when it comes to getting paid!

With GoSolo you can:

  • issue an invoice directly from your banking App in 3 clicks
  • track the history of an invoice
  • set up automatic payment reminders

….and now you can get paid faster with our new PAY NOW feature.


How does it work?

When your client receives a GoSolo-generated invoice, they can now click on “Pay now” which will take them straight to their bank account (via Mobile App or Internet Banking). All they would need to do is authorise the payment using their bank's security credentials. Once the payment is authorised - Voila! The payment for your work is sent.

The whole process takes less than 1 minute, removes the need for a customer to enter any payment details, and does not require any additional set-up by you or your client.

The best part is that you receive money directly to your bank account—there is no need for 3rd parties or middlemen to transfer money from allocated pots back and forth.


PAY NOW helps your business to:

  • Get paid faster with less than 1 minute required to complete a payment

  • Receive payments securely with bank account details pre-verified

  • Keep traceability between sales/invoices and payments

  • Receive money from sales directly to your business bank account

  • Avoid missed payments because of incorrectly entered bank account details


How much does it cost?

PAY NOW is completely free, and included as part of your GoSolo package. There are no additional transaction fees to you or your client.


How do I enable PAY NOW?

You are in luck—it’s already included as part of your GoSolo package and available to be used now, whenever you raise a GoSolo invoice.

GoSolo has partnered up with Plaid, an Open Banking provider, to deliver this to you.


Does it work with all bank accounts?

PAY NOW works by connecting to other bank’s accounts via Open Banking. Whilst the vast majority of the UK banks (including all the big players) support this scheme, there is a small minority of smaller banks that do not support it. However, they will support it in the near future due to this being a regulatory requirement. See more info here.


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April 22, 2024
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