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Secure business and banking solution

  • GoSolo is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Railsbank and Companies House
  • Your funds, data and business bank account are in safe hands
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Web and Mobile Apps

  • Manage your card and account in the GoSolo app
  • Track spending, save for taxes and get payments faster through FPS
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GoSolo app is available on web, iOS and Android. Ready when you are.
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Account opening

  • 100% digital: Just have your ID at the ready.
  • Fast set-up: Most applications will have a business bank account approved and opened within minutes.
  • Streamlined processes: We only ask for information we need. GoSolo saves time by extracting information from any documents you upload.
  • Intelligent auto-saving: Half-way through filling in an application? Pick up where you left off without completely restarting.
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Easy card management

  • All in one place: Well, almost. Everything apart from your physical card. That lives in your wallet. Mastercard debit cards arrive by post a few days after opening your account.
  • Complete control: Activate your card, view your PIN, freeze or unfreeze and unlock your card all within the GoSolo app.
  • More protection: All GoSolo accounts have Two-Factor Authentication (also known as 2FA or two-step verification) as standard. This means it’s more secure than traditional banking methods.
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Business bank account and payments FAQs
How much does it cost? What fees do you charge?

At this time we are not charging any fees: neither for . GoSolo business bank account is free for its first 500 users. Also, you will not be charged for opening Limited Company. As a side note, if you plan on registering your Limited company using GoSolo service and you are one of the first 500 users, you will not be charged. You can find more information about pricing here.

Can I apply outside the UK?

You need to be a UK resident in order to apply for a GoSolo business bank account.

What is the limit on bank account transfers in GoSolo?

Limit on making payments using online banking is £50,000 per transaction. Inbound payments are limited to under £50,000 per transaction.

Can I make international payments?

You can make payments using online banking only between UK accounts. You can use your card to make payments outside of the UK.

What do I need to open a GoSolo business bank account?

Before opening a business bank account with GoSolo, please check that you match the following criteria:

  • You have a Limited company registered on Companies House
  • Your Company is Active
  • You are a single Director and also a single Owner of the company
  • There are no other Owners or Directors
  • You are a UK resident (and can prove this by providing one of the following documents posted to you recently: utility bill, council bill, bank statement or tax return)
  • You have a valid ID document which we can compare against your selfie video
Is it safe to use GoSolo?

GoSolo is authorised by the FCA and completed all the necessary compliance checks to be authorised as an e-money agent. Although we cannot offer FSCS deposit protection, your money is 100% safe in a ring-fenced account of a Tier 1 UK Bank. Ring-fenced means that we don't have access to it and cannot move or use it somewhere, you are always in total control.

Do you have a mobile app?

GoSolo Business Banking Mobile Apps allow you to manage your account on the go. GoSolo Business Banking is available on Web, iOS and Android app.

What is the limit on card transactions in GoSolo?

Card limit is £1000 per transaction, £5000 per day.

When will I receive my card?

Once your business bank account is open, your card will be dispatched to your selected address. It may take up to 10 working days to arrive.