GoSolo: Good for business

What makes us different?

GoSolo is not all about the money. It is a secure business account. A place to set up a limited company, current account and manage the finances in one place. GoSolo is an app with streamlined processes, intuitive tools and dedicated support.
There are lots of business account options out there, but here at GoSolo we nurture companies and the people who run them.
The value we add is through creating business services, admin tools and sharing advice that saves our customers time and money.
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The GoSolo story

GoSolo is a secure business account built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Frustrated with navigating the banking and business admin systems of old, we wanted to do things differently.

We know what itโ€™s like to run your own business because weโ€™ve been there. And we are still there. Our background in finance, technology and entrepreneurship helps us understand the challenges, requirements and opportunities small business owners face every day.

At GoSolo we have big dreams and solid ideas. Our innovative business tools have been well considered and expertly designed. From easier invoicing, intelligent savings pots, faster payments, a reliable way to track spending, through to having fewer admin days. We have created business tools that, well, work.

Welcome to GoSolo, you're in great company

Individually we are entrepreneurs and experts in our field. The magic comes when we work together. Thatโ€™s why we set up the GoSolo community for small business owners. A space for resources, to ask questions or share knowledge, developments and ideas. Going it alone in business can be daunting โ€“ we are here to help.
Dima Pimakhov
Founder & CEO
Completed 20+ Digital Banking Projects
Past: Oracle, Credit Agricole, PASHA Bank (2 mln clients)
Launched companies in 7 Countries
Managed teams of 200+ banking experts
Other startups: infin8, Metryus, Flexion
Vitalii Gerzhan
Co-founder & User experience
Completed 15+ Digital Banking Projects
Past: Eurobank, Oracle
Andrew Boiko
Head of development
15+ years of development experience
Launched Fintech products in the US, UK, Europe and Asia
Yaroslav Holota
Back-end team lead & Solution architect
15+ years of development experience
Launched Fintech products in the US, UK, Europe and Asia
Alexander Nazaruk
Chief design officer
7 years of UX/UI Design
Created Mobile and Web design for over 10 Fintech products on 3 continents