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  • Instant, secure payments through Faster Payments Network as standard
  • Create, send and manage invoicing within the GoSolo app
  • Customise templates with your company’s logo and branding
  • Taken care of: automated reminders, invoice/payment matching, view full history
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  • Customers can use their mobile to settle invoices. Three clicks and it’s paid
  • Query about the invoice amount? With GoSolo you will get notified immediately
  • Use the ‘History of invoice’ functionality to see when an invoice is received and viewed
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Smart business invoice management

  • Easy as 1,2,3: Invoicing customers takes just three steps with the GoSolo app.
  • VAT and non-VAT invoices: Need a separate VAT rate for each product item in a single invoice? No problem. You can choose to issue a non-VAT invoice too. GoSolo calculates the final amounts before and after taxation, presenting it in an easy-to-read invoice layout.
  • See before sending: GoSolo generates a preview of every invoice before or after it goes to customers.
  • Duplicate with one click: Sending a similar invoice out? Duplicate an existing one and edit accordingly rather than starting from scratch.
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Invoice FAQs

How much does it cost to open business account? What fees do you charge?

For current and most up-to-date details about the costs, please refer to our pricing page.

Can I create and send invoices?

Yes. You don't need to figure out what information to include and how the invoice looks. In GoSolo you can issue and email invoices within a simple, guided 3-step process.

Can I issue recurring invoices?

We plan to introduce recurring invoices functionality in future versions of the GoSolo application. However, we made sure that raising similar invoices against the same client remained quick and straightforward. You can already duplicate existing invoices in a couple of clicks.

Can I reconcile invoices against the payments received?

When you receive a payment on your GoSolo account, the system will check its reference and amount. If there is a corresponding unpaid invoice, GoSolo will automatically match it with the payment received.

Get Paid Faster with Online Invoices

Are you looking for a robust app to handle your online invoicing needs? Put the right foot forward by creating expert-looking invoices with Gosolo. You don't need any design skills. Calling the customer to inquire if they viewed the invoice will be a thing of the past. You similarly don't need to send your invoices from a computer.

The Gosolo mobile app provides all the functionality you need. Here is all you need to know about sending an online invoice:

Small Business Invoicing, Go Digital with Gosolo

Manual invoicing is still a possibility. Yet, it has some inherent challenges. It's easy for customers to misplace invoices. If you're sending the invoice via post, there may be delays before getting paid. You still need to digitize sales made through manual invoices, which piles up the work. Sometimes manual invoices are hard to track, introducing delays in getting paid.

An objection you may have to digital invoices is, "I don't have time to learn complicated invoicing software." That’s okay. Gosolo solves this very problem by allowing you to create invoices from templates.

Working with ready-made templates gives your invoices a professional look. You get all the key fields to ensure you’ve captured vital information, including the company name, item description, VAT, and invoice amount.

The solution is aligned with the needs for small business invoicing. It’s ideal for businesses that deal with a relatively low volume of sales and customers. You can use it in cases where it doesn't make business sense to invest in a dedicated POS system, for instance, for self-employed invoicing in the UK.

Gosolo account holders can make invoices online as long as they have a digital business account. They can access the functionality through the browser or mobile apps.

Must-have Features When Evaluating an Invoice Finance Tool

Any invoice finance tool needs some key features to make it suited to creating business invoices:

  • Custom branding and logo: Personalized invoices create a good impression with clients. Find a tool that permits you to add the business logo or set custom brand colors.
  • Invoice previews: Avoid situations where you have to send a corrected invoice after sending one with mistakes. It may confuse customers. The ability to preview company invoices before sending remains a must-have.
  • Custom message field: The invoice should have a field to accommodate extra information. You can share key details customers should know before making a payment.
  • PDF versions: Customers may need to print invoices for filing purposes. Sharing a PDF gives your invoices a consistent appearance during printing or viewing on different screens.
  • View receipts: You should not guess whether the customer viewed the invoice. The tool used to create invoices for businesses should provide the view of receipts.
  • Automatic VAT: Adding VAT is necessary for certain goods and services. Consider using an online invoice UK-tailored tool that accommodates VAT rates.

Benefits of Using Gosolo's Invoicing Tool

Create invoices that showcase your professionalism with Gosolo's business invoice feature. You'll enjoy these benefits and more:

  • Quick, easy, on the go: Anyone can do it! Enjoy a quick and effortless process for creating and sending business invoices. You can even do it on the go on the mobile app.
  • Fully customizable: Brand your invoices by adding the business logo and using company colors. You get a professional invoice rather than using generic templates.
  • Mobile-friendly designs: Our recently revamped mobile invoice layout presents all the key details at a glance, making payments quicker.
  • Add VAT rates automatically: Forget the hassle of manual VAT calculations. You can even specify the VAT rate for individual products. The outstanding tax is then added to the final amount.
  • Intelligent payment matching: Match payments received to your Gosolo business account to outstanding invoices. You can also mark paid invoices manually.
  • Fast payments through FPS: Receive payments through FPS in seconds simply by having a Gosolo account.
  • Uncomplicated payment process: Customers can pay invoices in three steps. We have made it easier to copy payment information. Similarly, anyone can quickly send a message to ask about the invoice amount or other details.
  • See viewed invoices: Receive notifications when the customer views your invoice. The system records the view time for future reference.

Create an Invoice with Gosolo - How it Works

Sending an invoice with Gosolo is as easy as it gets. From your account, choose the option to create an invoice. Then, key in details about the invoice amount, customer, and products or services sold.

Consider adding a personalized message to accompany the invoice in the recipient's inbox. We strongly recommend previewing the invoice to determine its correctness. Now, hit send, and the invoice will be on its way to the customer.

After viewing the invoice, the platform generates a custom notification and records the view date. Customers can pay you in just three steps with a Gosolo account. Rather than starting from scratch every time, you can duplicate past invoices. Our team is working on a recurring invoice feature.

Get started with the new way to send small business invoices in the UK today.