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How can we enhance GoSolo

GoSolo is continuously growing with our entrepreneurs. If you believe there is something we can add on or you have the idea of how to improve existing functionality – please let us know.
You can vote for future functionality
The most popular will be implemented first
Cashflow forecast

We automatically track and categorise your business income and expenses to forecast the cash flow to avoid uncertainty.

  • Your business income and expenses visualised
  • Make decisions and manage your finances with confidence
Multiple user access

Allows you to add your colleagues or an accountant to your account and gives you the ability to manage their level of access.

EURO account

Account in EURO currency to make and accept payments in EURO.

Attach documents to invoice

Lets you add attachments to invoices that you send to your customers. File types you can attach would be limited to the following:

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • CSV
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