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  • For quick & small payments, share a simple link to get paid instantly
  • For standard business orders, issue an Invoice to keep track of an order
  • For everything else, send and receive payments via Faster Payments
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Flexible payment solutions for all kinds of payments

Register via payment link

  • Make it easier for your customers to pay your business
  • Share a link with your contact
  • Three clicks to get paid
  • No need for your customers to enter payment details manually
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Register via payment link
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Get paid via Invoice

  • Send an Invoice via email
  • See full invoice history, including when an invoice is sent, opened and paid
  • Send automatic payment reminders
  • Store Invoice records for financial accounting reports and tax submissions
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Get paid via Invoice

Send and receive payments via Faster Payments

  • Quick and secure payments made via Faster Payments
  • Send and receive GBP payments
  • Payments out protected by 2FA
  • Connect your account to receive payments from PayPal, Amazon, Payoneer and more
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Send and receive payments via Faster Payments

International payments via SWIFT

  • Swift payments are highly secure and reliable since they are backed by the world’s leading financial institutions.
  • Swift payments are highly transparent, with all the transaction details available to both parties.
  • Send SWIFT payment request is simple as standard payment. Feel the required data, and we will proceed with your SWIFT payment.
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Payments FAQ's

Can I pay internationally or accept payments from abroad?

We are working hard to bring you international payments and currency exchange as soon as possible directly from the GoSolo app, but these features are not available yet.

In the meantime, you can use alternative services such as Payoneer or Paysend or Wise to send payments abroad.

What do I need to open a GoSolo business account?

Opening a business account is simple with GoSolo. All you need is the following documents:

  • A valid government-issued photo-ID document (Passport, Driving License, BRP), and
  • Proof of your UK address (council tax, utility bill, bank statement), must be issued in the last three months

What is the limit on bank account transfers in GoSolo?

Limit on making payments using online banking is £50,000 per transaction. Inbound payments are limited to under £50,000 per transaction.

What is the limit on card transactions in GoSolo?

Card limit is £1000 per transaction, £5000 per day.

Can I pay myself?

GoSolo only opens business accounts, not personal ones. Please bear this in mind, this is not a personal account. 

We recommend that you consult with your accountant on ways how you as an owner or director can get paid from a GoSolo business account. 

What follows may not, under any circumstances, be treated as official advice from us, we do not accept any liabilities.

As a general rule, there are several ways a company can pay its individual owner:

  1. Pay a salary.
  2. Pay a dividend
  3. Lend a loan

Each option requires careful consideration from the tax and legal points of view, especially if the individual is not a UK resident. There is no general rule that can cover all possible scenarios.

How do I deposit cash?

You cannot deposit cash into your GoSolo business account. We are constantly making changes to GoSolo and, if cash deposit is an important feature to you, please let us know here.

Can I connect PayPal / Amazon account?

You can connect your GoSolo account to PayPal and Amazon.

You can connect your account to any service or platform that uses a GBP account & sort code or a debit card.

Can I set up a business account online?

With GoSolo you can open a business account online as well as register an LTD company. Actually, you get everything you need to start your business and even more. We have web, iOS and Android mobile apps to manage your business account.

Do you have Direct Debit on GoSolo accounts?

Direct Debit is not part of the initial GoSolo offering. We are constantly making changes to GoSolo and are going to deliver Direct Debit soon.

Can I create and send invoices?

Yes. You don't need to figure out what information to include and how the invoice looks. In GoSolo you can issue and email invoices within a simple, guided 3-step process.

How can I chase my client for payment?

You can configure email reminders and GoSolo will send them automatically. You can adjust the date and frequency of reminders for due and overdue invoices.