How to set up a private limited company (LTD) with GoSolo?

How to set up a private limited company (LTD) with GoSolo?

May 23, 2024
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Let’s start with the finish line—when your company is registered, it will appear on the Companies House database, which allows you to start trading under the company name and open a business bank account.

The service GoSolo offers is only available for opening a private limited company with a single owner/director. If you prefer to be a sole trader (no company registration required), have more than one director at the firm, or need to open a public limited company (the company’s shares can be bought by the public). This service does not apply to you currently, but we are working on this option too.



Registering your company with GoSolo is a straightforward process. Before you start, make sure you have checked the following:

  • As previously mentioned, your company type will be private limited, and you will be the sole owner and director of the company
  • You have a valid ID document which we can compare against your selfie video
  • You have a valid UK business address for your company (if you don’t have one, and you do not reside in the UK, we include virtual office services for 1 year as part of the registration)
  • Your company does not engage in any of the restricted business activities as specified in GoSolo Terms & Conditions


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Onboarding process

Once you are ready, the very first and most exciting thing you’d need to do is select your company’s name. There are some rules that you’d need to follow when naming a new company—you can find these here.

We will check that your name is not a duplicate of another company. However, you need to be aware of the use of sensitive words (e.g. Royal, Bank), offensive names and trademark names; if these are used incorrectly, your company registration application may be rejected.

Once you are happy with the chosen name, we ask you to complete a short application form, where most of the information will be gathered using your provided documents. You’d need to describe your business and its projected revenues.

We’ll ask you to verify your identity online—using your valid ID document and your selfie. We’ll also ask you for your Proof of Address to be submitted online. Finally, we’d verify your phone number for future authentication of your account.

Once your application is completed, it will be sent over to Companies House automatically to register your company officially. And once that is done, you’ll also receive your GoSolo business bank account.


Time to complete the process

The whole process may take up to 5-5.5 working days:

  • Fill out an application: 5–10 mins
  • Register company: typically 1 working day
  • Open business bank account: under 1 hour

If you still have questions about the GoSolo application or anything else related to registering your company, do not hesitate to contact us!


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May 23, 2024
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