GoSolo joins TechNation's Fintech 5.0

GoSolo joins TechNation's Fintech 5.0

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As part of our ongoing commitment to building the best business we can in order to deliver for our customers, we are delighted to announce we have been selected to be part of the Fintech 5.0 – one of the UK’s leading programmes in support of scale-up businesses.


Led by Tech Nation and partnered by accountancy firm Cooper Parry, the Fintech programme helps UK Fintech companies scale – at home and abroad. This tailor-made programme, Fintech 5.0, supports founders and their wider leadership team by delivering insights sessions from highly-established Fintech entrepreneurs, investors and other related partners, and giving cohort members like GoSolo the tools and knowledge they need to scale.


Lasting six months, our cohort will engage in an in-depth induction, get involved in a series of learning sessions and attend some high level networking events with key stakeholders in the sector. Providing GoSolo with this opportunity will help secure our future, and assist in us being able to deliver the best product for you, our customers.



GoSolo is the perfect addition to the cohort, with our recent investment and growth expanding to offer the GoSolo Global Account, providing support to global residents in setting up a UK limited company and UK business account with a debit card without having to have a UK address. This, and a host of additional features wouldn’t have been possible without investment and commitment from our team, and with the opportunity from Tech Nation, we are confident to further develop our offer over the coming months and years - and having access and opportunity to meet future partners, investors and colleagues.


Tech Nation is the growth platform for tech companies and leaders, providing coaching, content and community that are needed for a scale-up’s success. They work in a number of areas and we are proud to have been chosen for this initiative.


GoSolo joins the ranks of some businesses in the UK Fintech/insurtech sector, with the Fintech 4.0 cohort including companies from banking to investment, proptech and SME finance including names such as Cardeo, mint labs and Bunk. The cohort exemplified why the UK continues to prove it is a global leader when it comes to the exciting world of Fintech and GoSolo is delighted to be part of the next generation in this sector. 

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By GoSolo Better Business Account