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How much can I take home after taxes from my business?

Limited company tax calculator

To help you plan your business earnings and taxes we have created this simplified* calculator, which covers all the major aspects of business tax planning based on 2020/21 tax rates for limited companies.

Important note: Simplified calculator model does not include calculations related to employee benefits, car/mileage allowances and other employment categories such as disability allowances, young age tax allowances etc. Information provided on this page is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute financial advice – always do your own research and/or consult with a professional about your specific circumstances before making any major financial decisions.

Get a headstart – see how much you can earn after taxes.
Business Information
Total Sales infoSometimes also called revenue, this is the amount of money that your clients will pay your company for your goods or services during the tax year
Add VAT on top of Sales? infoWould you charge your customers extra VAT on top of your Sales figure - select YES, or if the Sales figure already includes VAT - select NO
My operating costs will be
Your costs are higher than sales, you will be trading at a loss
Net effect of VAT on Profit
Total (Gross) Sales
Gross Corporate Profit (before taxes and owner salary)
My salary will be infoPaying the salary below Secondary NI threshold is the most efficient way to withdraw the earnings from own company
Corporate Net Profit before tax
Corporation tax
Corporate Profit for the year infoThis is the net profit of your business for the year after paying all corporate taxes and the owner’s salary
Take from my business profit (% or £)
Other information
Net pension contribution
Net Gift Aid donation

Tax computation Taxes summary
VAT estimates
Corporation tax
Personal tax

My personal earnings
Total earnings

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