GoSolo update: Beat the price increase, prices changing soon

GoSolo update: Beat the price increase, prices changing soon

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*Due to feedback and demand the price change has been pushed back to December 7th to accommodate everyone who wants to open a business account and limited company at the introductory free rate.* Get started here


We have an update for future customers. We have now passed the limit on our introductory offer for free company formation for UK customers. The cost of setting up a UK Limited company with GoSolo is rising from Tuesday November 29th, so you have just a few days to set yourself up without having to pay a set up cost. 


Following our completely free opening offer to create a company and set up a business account free-of-charge for UK customers, we are moving into the next phase of our growth which means in order to set up your company, a small charge will be incurred. There will also be a small increase in prices for our virtual business address, and the GoSolo Global Account. The UK business account will remain completely free.


So don’t miss out. This is the perfect chance to take the plunge of your solo venture dream and get set up before next Tuesday 29th November when the prices update. See below for details of the costs for each type of GoSolo account.


What Current price Price from next week
Business Account FREE FREE
Company formation and business account FREE £25
Virtual Business Address for your company £175 per year £189 per year
Company and business account for non-UK residents including virtual address £250 per year £499 per year


Why are we raising prices?

We've made a lot of big changes in the product this year to make it more valuable to our customers. In order to continue this, we have made the decision to start to charge a small fee for UK customers to set up a UK Limited Company so we can continue to add further features like the below to your accounts.


Upgraded the GoSolo product adding new features:

  • Get paid faster with our unique Request to Pay or Open-Banking-enabled Invoices;
  • Assign view-only access to your team members or accountant;
  • Support non-UK residents to form a UK company and get a business account
  • More security and anti-fraud features to protect your money
  • A faster, better and easier registration process
  • Integrated support with Xero accounting

We’ve added more resources for your start-up:

  • Negotiated deals with Stripe, Google, Grammarly, Canva, and more, totalling over £15,000 in benefits you can take advantage of.
  • Built and continue to grow a content library full of expert advice on a broad range of topics.

We are introducing one-on-one support to provide expert help when you’re starting out: ​

  • 1-1 mentorship and coaching with an expert. Get personal advice on taxes, accounting, marketing and sales.


What is next for GoSolo?

We are building a transparent and sustainable business that we want our community to be happy to be a part of so wanted to announce this increase to make it clear why we are doing it. It is not possible to achieve financial balance without recovering some of the costs, and in order to get to the next stage of where we want to go, we need to ensure our business is stable and consistent in order to best grow and deliver. 


However, we want to thank our current members who've taken an early bet on us. Therefore we will not be increasing prices for current members, and that includes anyone who signs up this week before the price increase.

Not a member yet? Now is a great time to join! A GoSolo Business Account for UK customers is free to set up, including a UK LImited Company, until the end of Tuesday 29th November so join now and be part of the solo working revolution!

By GoSolo Better Business Account